Instant Replay Productions was established in Singapore in July 1990. We began as a joint venture with Australian veteran film and video producer, Mr Robert James Herbert. With the inception, Instant Replay produced “Souvenir of Singapore”, a 60-minute entertaining documentary about Singapore for our tourists and expatriates.

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I Know What You Did The Night Before Christmas

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I Know What You Did The Night Before Christmas

Once a year, magic happens on Christmas Eve. But what happens when you don't believe in magic? A combination of live action and 2D animation, this short film brings a naughty elf, Gerry to life.Having caused some mischief in Santa's factory, Gerry was tasked to convinced Yi Ching that Santa is real. Watch how this hilarious elf tries his best to convinced the girl of his existence. Conceptualized, written, produced and animated by the creative team at Instant Replay Production.

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