Instant Replay Productions was established in Singapore in July 1990. We began as a joint venture with Australian veteran film and video producer, Mr Robert James Herbert. With the inception, Instant Replay produced “Souvenir of Singapore”, a 60-minute entertaining documentary about Singapore for our tourists and expatriates.

Tel: (65) 6334 8395


Address: 135 Middle Road Bylands Building, #02-17 Singapore 188975

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Why choose us?

Have a project that requires video production services? Let us help you by providing you with a list of why you should choose Instant Replay Productions today.


Full-time production house

All of our creative producers and editors are in-house. We are a highly motivated team of specialists, who work creatively and systematically in ensuring that the key message(s) is brought across with maximum impact in meeting your needs. Show us a video sample and we’ll demonstrate how we can improvise a better version for you.


Bottom line pricing fixated prices

We give you our most competitive prices without any last minute surprise changes. If you have any questions in regards to pricing, you can refer to our FAQ, or continue to read point three.



Tight budget? Short deadline? Payment concerns? No worries, we got it all covered. Our utmost priority on hand will be producing the best video for you.


Zero risk

At Instant Replay Productions, we’ve done over thousands of videos and we promise to always deliver what was agreed upon. We’ll keep you updated on our progress along the way and ensure everything is up to your satisfaction before proceeding. Take a look at what our satisfied clients have to say!


Instant Reply

We understand that your time is invaluable. This is why we make an effort to reply you (almost) instantly. No later than a day, we promise. Otherwise, coffee on us. Take a shot?


Talent and passion

We have a crazy and playful team with limitless creativity and thirst for concepts. Recently, we produced two short films and a movie; CODE R.E.D., Bridge & GEN-X. Or, you can follow our Instagram to check out what’s happening daily at Instant Replay. (You’ll be entertained!)


On time completion

Your deadline is pivotal to us and we take this very seriously. All of our videos are delivered by or before the project deadline. We wouldn’t want you to miss your big showcase.


We sell the experience

We’re not just about the service, but also about the experience. It’s a full package and we will always ensure you get money’s worth. You are our most valued client and deserve to only be treated the best. Ignore the formalities, how about we set up a time and date over coffee now?


High-quality work

All of our work consists of 100% creativity, 100% effort, 100% dedication, 100% passion and 5% caffeine. We want to make YOU and your organisation look good. Check out some of our works or email us now if you want more samples.

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